My family’s birthday

16 12 2009

On 27th and 30th of December it will be Bijou’s and Mommy’s birthday. I’ll give Mommy a present that I always wanted to give her.  I’m going to give her something special.   I’m going to give Bijou a colorful sock that’s really special.  On Daddy’s birthday I’m going to give him something about basketball.  Granny wants hugs and kisses for her birthday but I’m going to give her something better!


I am thankful for (Ashni)

17 11 2009

I am thankful for the people I love, my family.  I am thankful for food and parents and a home and a roof over my head, a bedroom, a backyard and a scooter.  I am most thankful for books, a bed and a dining room, games, toys and clothes.  I am thankful for friends because they play nice and they are small like me.  They invite us to parties, too.

I am thankful for (Jena)

17 11 2009

I am thankful that my family is coming over on Thanksgiving.  I’m going to give my family a present so they can be thankful.  If they aren’t, I’m going to try again.  I’m also happy my family’s coming over for one day and eat dinner all together and have fun together.  I don’t know who is coming, but I know 17 people are coming.  Four of them are Henry, uncle Derek, the second Derek (which is DJ) and  Zuri.

Fiddlin rooster

4 11 2009
My friends went on a field trip with us.   We went to the Fiddlin’ Rooster.  Before we did anything we had to sign in as the homeschool group.
Then we got to make butter with cream.  We had to shake the cream for a long time.  Next we got to grind corn into cornmeal with a machine.   We got corn bread and we got to put the butter that we made on it.  


We got to go on a cow train it was really, really bumpy my butt hurt but it was still fun. 102_2541
We learned about cotton and some things made from cotton.  Money, paper and clothes are ll made from cotton.  After we learned about cotton we made living necklaces.  A living necklace is a corn seed in a little bag under a lot of wet cotton.  It sprouts in a couple of days. 
We swam in the corn the corn pool.  The corn pool was a big box full of corn that we could play in.  Next to the corn pool we found a tube slide.  When we went down the  slide we fell in a bunch of hay.  We even found a tube swing.  We had to crawl in the tube.  It was really hard to do. 
When we were tired of that we went to the pig race.  We had to scream and cheer really loud.  It worked because we scared them.
102_2626 102_2628
We did a hay maze, then we rode on the tractor down to a corn maze.
When we got off the tractor we went in the corn maze.  We had to listen to all the instruction so we didn’t get lost. My little sister was the leader and she did a good job.  We didn’t get lost. 
 When we got out of the corn maze we drew faces on pumpkins.
It was a fun field trip.

The birthday party

27 10 2009


We went to a birthday party on Saturday.  It was a costume party.  It was our friend Sadie’s party. 




We were spider fairies and Sadie was a ghost.  There were spiders in our hair and my mom painted spider webs on our faces.  We wore black make up and black nail polish. 


The cake was a chocolate cake and there was ice cream too. When the party was over we got candy and tattoos.

This week’s Maker’s Market

21 10 2009



This week I was at the Maker’s Market again.  I was siting downstairs next to the coffee shop in the square.  I got 12 people to go upstairs to the Maker’s Market.  I got 9 people to take stickers.  I gave one lady who was giving popcorn away a flyer and a sticker. While we were walking in the square I went in Square Books Junior.   We saw Andy that owns Andy’s Steak House.  That’s were my dad works.  Andy went to the Maker’s Market too.

The dollhouse is FINALLY finished…

21 10 2009


The last thing we had to do for our dollhouse was make the dolls for it.  We finished the family of dolls.  We made the dolls with wooden people. 


 All of the people were very short so we glued some of them to blocks so that they would be taller.  The tall dolls are the grown ups and the short dolls are the kids. 


We glued cloth on for clothes and used yarn for hair.  Our mom painted the faces on them.